Rany has set up a great team of pharmacists and health professionals to make every experience, a memorable one! He is a kind, knowledgeable and very friendly pharmacist, makes you feel comfortable to trust him with your health.


My experience as a patient with the pharmacist is highly satisfied.
All the medications that I need are explained in a very helpful way.
The impact that I got from Blue Rose Pharmacy made me grin more and more.
Instead of buying a lot of product I find compound medications are more beneficial in use.

Jacqulin Mikhail

Mr. Rany Badawy of Blue Rose Pharmacy is very knowledgeable, professional, pleasant and easy to talk to. I have been his client for over 7 years and am very pleased with the services I am getting.

Mr. Badawy is always ready to counsel me regarding my health, the different medications my doctors are prescribing for me, as well as on over-the counter supplements and vitamins. Mr. Badawy works with my doctors together as an integrative team to assure that I get the utmost benefit from all medicinal products with minimum side effects. His knowledge on different products and the interactions between them is superb.
I also find the pharmacy’s support staff very friendly and organized. They try very hard to accommodate my busy schedule.
Overall, Blue Rose Pharmacy is the pharmacy that I trust for my health choices.

Thank you very much,

Iman Haroun

Pharmacists are individuals who are responsible for each persons medications, therefore one must be able to trust, confide and feel comfortable around them. Rany is one of the few pharmacists left who is fully rounded in all those areas, he is a great individual to speak with and will always make every visit enjoyable and friendly! He has a great welcoming system in place that will make all first timers feel at home, I definitely recommend his pharmacy to anyone looking for a great environment to get their medication!

Andrew Shakir

Rany is such a great individual to entrust with my medicine! He has the exceptional ability to ensure that all the drugs taken will not affect my daily life in a negative manner. He is also very honest and makes every trip to the pharmacy, a great one! I will definitely recommend him and his team to everyone i know

Kind Regards,

Samih Shakir

As a student who needs to balance school and everyday life, finding time to go to a pharmacy is difficult, but Rany helps work around your schedule! He loves to give input about how to manage different medications, and provide a better overall physical and mental health experience.

Sandy Shakir

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